Plan B

Summer Love was almost done, her hull was squeaky clean and her topsides shiny.  Robb was still working on the propellor and I was fiddling around checking the sheets and the lifelines.

Every afternoon the thunder would come rolling in, the skies would explode and pelt us with rain.  It was hard and stinging.  I would run and take cover under the shelter of the picnic hut.  

This particular afternoon was no different.  

I ran for cover and there, sitting under the shelter, was a man.  I said hello and we got chatting.  

I asked him what he was doing.  He told me.  

He asked me what I was doing.  I told him.  

I asked him why he was at the Boatyard and he told me that he had just be given a job to bring a boat back from Seattle.  

I asked him how long it would take.  He told me.

I told him not to move and that I’d be right back.

I grabbed Robb by his T-Shirt and dragged him over to meet Darnell, the Truck Driver.


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