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Far From the Maddening Wind

What a difference compared to the blustery Caribbean.

5 am

8 am


3 pm




Flotsam and jetsam !

Where are the palm trees?

We were anchored so close to the village that we could see right into the restaurants and could read the prices on the menu boards —           all in EURO.


That evening we wandered through the streets past boutiques, bars and bistros.

40 € for a piece of fish.  So, we did not have the fish.

50 € for a steak.  We did not have the steak.

10 € for a ham baguette and 2 beers.  

No prizes for guessing what we ordered!


As the sun sets on the city of Salvador

and I stir myself from my siesta —

the sounds of the samba start the night and

trips the light fantastic .