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We pottered over to Pender Island for the night, a boat trip that was well over due.  LilyB had been tugging on her lines since the beginning of summer, eager to get back out on the ocean, and so were we.

After and hour or so of motoring, dodging crab traps and floating logs, we turned into Bedwell Harbour and dropped anchor.  I wanted to sit in the last rays of afternoon sun and read, while Robb wanted to do “boy-things” like get the dinghy in the water and test the motor.  

We both got what we wanted.

Tonight, pictures speak louder than words.

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Gee, but it’s great to be back home . . .  and it really feels like summer this year.   I’ve just kicked off my flip flops and padded across the kitchen floor in dusty feet and yanked open the fridge.  

It’s summer and it feels so good.  

It tastes like summer too — in the evenings — when we sit out on the deck eating cold white peaches wrapped in proscuitto, and it smells like summer when the land sucks up the cool sea air and spritzes us with a cool cucumber mist.  I hide behind the window boxes of lavender that trim the deck rails and watch a pair of quail scratch through the grass.

She scuttles ahead dipping her head under every bush and peck-pecks away at the ground.  He is on watch and flicks his head around check-checking as she feeds.  The plume on top of his head makes it look like he’s wearing a hat!  I point this out.  Then he scurries off as if he is late for the Royal Wedding and assumes a new position.  Robb throws a handful of sunflower seeds out onto the grass.  To keep the customer’s satisfied.  

We are.

I am quite pleased with these two shots.  I love the bright blue sky and I love the perspective of the fishing pier, the way it runs out into the sea to meet the horizon.  But I couldn’t think of anything else to write about them, other than that the name was puzzling me.


Never heard that word before.  Is it the name of a shark?  As in the logo or is it the name of a fish?  (They say Islamorada is the sports fishing capital of the world, so I took that as a hint.) 

After a little web search I found this piece in the Marlin Magazine

During the 1960s, the lodge came under the control of the Twitchell family. Cynthia Twitchell, also known as “Chee,” was an heiress to the A&P grocery chain. The name Cheeca actually came from combining Cynthia’s nickname with her husband’s first name, Carl. Under the Twitchells, the lodge underwent a major refurbishment, with the addition of the main lodge, more villas along the oceanfront, a golf course and Cheeca’s now iconic wooden fishing pier.

There you have it.  It’s a made up name!  

But the sky is real.

Too good to be true

The clouds have not moved in, not just yet.  Thank goodness, so  

I am s — t — r — e — t — c — h — i — n – g out this summer as long as possible.  Each day, as the sun travels further south, I move the BBQ over along the deck just enough so that we can still grill in the sunlight — the shade is already too cold.

I wonder which’ll run out first, sun or deck?

It has been brought to my attention that the beer post is stale and that I have been neglecting you all.  

I blame the sun.

I can see clearly now the rain has gone, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with those beers.

The Rule of Beers

Take one out.  Put two back.

This is just to say

that in all honesty … those were the most delicious plums!

I dropped my Twoney into the box and grabbed a bag.

I hid them in the icebox

for breakfast

away from William Carlos Williams.


Taking Tubby out into the Saanich Inlet to drop the prawn traps.

What does one do with 200 pink prawns?

Steam them in beer and then drizzle them with hot sauce.

That’s what.