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get outta here

And then it’s time to leave AGAIN.


Tied up at The Angler’s Anchorage, Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island.

Time to take stock of life and replenish the ‘Cruising Kitty’.

… and that was only the beginning !

Up the Creek

This is how you make sure that your sailboat with a 55’ mast makes it under the first bridge of the Intracoastal waterway.

You fill up the diesel tanks.  

You fill up the water tanks.  

You fill up the beer tanks!  ; )

And then, when she is sitting quite a bit lower in the water — without her keel in the mud —

check the bridge height, again,

check the charts,

check the tides,

check the moon

and then,


Our first stop up the ICW was a Do-It-Yourself Boatyard where we took Summer Love out of the water to do a final check before heading on up to Chesapeake Bay.

As we drew closer to the first bridge I started to fret.  

(As usual)  

What if my calculations were out?  

What if my conversion from meters to feet was inaccurate?

What if the mast hit the bridge?

What if the wind vane hooked on an electrical wire?

What if the masthead light hit that concrete beam?

But it didn’t.

We sat under the palm fronds of the Tiki Hut at the Riviera Beach Marina and looked over at the stern of Summer Love tied up to the pontoon.  

I had to pinch myself a couple of times.  

We’d sailed from 34ºS to 27ºN … and we were all still in one piece.

We ordered beers and juicy burgers.

What next?

We ordered Key Lime Pie.

And next?

Was to take a leisurely cruise in and out and up the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway) as far as Chesapeake Bay — and keep well out of the way of Ana, Bill, Claudette and Danny.

But first things first:

We had to find a yard in which to take Summer Love out of the water to check her hull and scrape her bottom clean.


Another beer.  Note to self:  Never say “another”, just say “a beer”.

On second thoughts:

Make that two!


I simply do not know where to go next,
said Christopher Columbus in 1492.
The Bahamas Cruising Guide by Mathew Wilson

Taken while SAILING across the Great Bahama Banks.  Yes, we sailed over northern part of The Banks from Hibourne Cay to Nassau.

It was the only way to get Summer Love, with her 6 ft draft, safely across these shallow waters.  We waited for a strong wind warning, put up all the canvas and then flew across the pond at 45º, keeping the keel well off the sand.  

Somewhere out on those Banks we clocked 8000 nautical miles.

I took this as a sign.

We celebrated!

Swim platform

Dinghy Dock 

My Private Sun Deck