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We pottered over to Pender Island for the night, a boat trip that was well over due.  LilyB had been tugging on her lines since the beginning of summer, eager to get back out on the ocean, and so were we.

After and hour or so of motoring, dodging crab traps and floating logs, we turned into Bedwell Harbour and dropped anchor.  I wanted to sit in the last rays of afternoon sun and read, while Robb wanted to do “boy-things” like get the dinghy in the water and test the motor.  

We both got what we wanted.

Sign post right at the end of a long road — a dead end for motorists, but not for sailors!

I was here too

Down on the stony beach, dense wet fog crept in over the Pacific.  The Inukshuk — pronounced ee-nook-shook — glistened in the struggling sunlight.  Someone had beaten me to this spot.  Inukshuk show travellers the way across the frozen Arctic tundra or they are built to mark a good fishing spot, but down on this beach it just said, 

"I was here", like Kilroy.  

Stone graffiti.

All good.

I’m on the beach, wearing boots.  Boots on the beach? Yes, I know.  It’s daft, but true.  Those are boots and they look like boots, but it doesn’t look like the beach, does it?  More like I’m standing in a river bed, but this is the beach.  I swear.  No sand-between-the-toes beaches here. Nope.  This is the Pacific Rim, and when there’s sand, it’s coarse and grey.  It’s like walking on an elephant — as those of you who have, would know.  

And then the signs that read: 

"You are now entering a tsunami area."   

Perhaps I should be wearing running shoes.

I started running when I was in junior school.  We would scramble together at the start line, bunched up and skittish, the starter would fire a blank shot and bang! we were off.

All legs and knees with elbows flying.

I ran barefoot, just like Zola.  Our only difference … she was fast.  She still is fast.  I raced against Zola when I was 16, in the 3000m Girls U19.

I didn’t beat her.  She didn’t lap me!  We hugged at the end.                         

Since coming to Canada I’ve started  running again, but certainly not barefoot!  On forest trails and winding tracks that end up on the beach.  

A few weeks ago I ran “Bear Mountain!” They say it’s the MOST CHALLENGING 10k race in Canada.  It was.  

Three crazy hills:  The first one, Pappa Bear, 1 mile long to an elevation of 300m.  Next is Mama Bear, a little shorter but way more steep.  Then right at the end, Baby Bear, not too long and not too steep, but just right.

I finished in 55 minutes … watch out Zola! ; )


I named her Bluebell, because that’s where we found her, on Bluebell Road.We had been running in the forest and as we came out, there she was on her stand with a cardboard sign, “FREE”.  My Ouma used to say,”Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth,” and so I didn’t. (Even though it was a bicycle.)




It has been brought to my attention that the beer post is stale and that I have been neglecting you all.  

I blame the sun.

I can see clearly now the rain has gone, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with those beers.

Twinkle Toes.

The sun’s out, I should be dancing!

A blue-sky morning and a brisk breeze — on the ferry.  Vancouver Island.