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We made a beeline for the wicker chairs on the beach and plopped down on the soft, plump cushions.   I lay back, kicked off my flip-flops and let the sun dance with the fine white sand that shimmered on my toes like glitter.  A young tanned man wearing crisp white cotton shorts brought us blueberry mojitos and coconut shrimp from the tiki hut.

I wanted time to stop right there.  

Not another tick.


I’m on the beach, wearing boots.  Boots on the beach? Yes, I know.  It’s daft, but true.  Those are boots and they look like boots, but it doesn’t look like the beach, does it?  More like I’m standing in a river bed, but this is the beach.  I swear.  No sand-between-the-toes beaches here. Nope.  This is the Pacific Rim, and when there’s sand, it’s coarse and grey.  It’s like walking on an elephant — as those of you who have, would know.  

And then the signs that read: 

"You are now entering a tsunami area."   

Perhaps I should be wearing running shoes.

Flotsam and jetsam !

(Haiku Moment)

At the water’s edge

a boat waiting to be freed —

captured by my lens

I love a shady character.

Far from the maddening crowds wind

and into a sea of people !