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"The Montevideo 43 Yacht has a hand laid fiberglass over balsa hull with a center teak cockpit and teak decking. Different sources have the hull as balsa core to the waterline then solid fiberglass below.   The Montecarlo 43 Yacht built with a…. shallower, wing-bulb keel. Cabin accommodations will sleep up to six in two cabins. Properly equipped the Montevideo 43 Yacht is considered the be a very sturdy blue ocean sailing yacht. Owners report that this model of sailboat is well-balanced and easy to handle. The Montevideo 43 Yacht is typically powered by a Yanmar diesel engine of around 50 hp. Powered cruise speed is generally 6 to 7 knots.

The Montevideo 43 Yacht is a cutter rigged sailing yacht that was built in South Africa from the 1980’s until approximately the early 1990’s.  It appears about 50 examples of the Montevideo 43 were built, the last on record being in 1994. Following the Montevideo 43 Yacht, the Montecarlo 43 Yacht was built on the same hull design.

The Montevideo 43 Yacht was designed by Angelo Lavranos of South Africa. Mr. Lavranos started designing yachts in 1975 and is now the head of  Lavranos Marine Design Ltd. in Auckland, New Zealand where he set up shop in 1996. He has produced over 300 designs of all types resulting in over 2,000 built yachts. Mr. Lavranos yacht designs are very highly regarded. Montevideo 43 yachts were produced by John Robertson Yachts (now Robertson and Caine) and Fred Scholtz in South Africa. An interesting side note is that both Lavranos and Robertson & Caine are now mostly involved in the design and production of sailing and power catamarans.

Here are the dimensions of the Montevideo 43 Yacht in feet and metric:

  1. Length: 43 ft. / 12.1 meters
  2. Length at waterline: 35 ft. / 10.6 meters
  3. Beam: 13 ft. / 3.9 meters
  4. Draft: 6.4 ft. / 1.95 meters
  5. Displacement: 15 tons (English or metric)

Water and fuel capacities are 240 gallons or 900 liters of water and 80 gallons or 300 liters of diesel fuel. Plenty of water for those multi-day open water legs.

The Montevideo 43 Yacht has a reputation of a sailing yacht built for the tough southern hemisphere seas. The model seems to be popular with sailors that want to sail between continents or around the world. Comments on sailing forums about the Montevideo 43 are universally positive and many owners have used the boats for long sailing voyages up to around the world navigation.” Posted by Marine Fuel News